Productivity Tools

 Increase efficiency with integrated productivity tools

 We also recommend and support several add-on cloud-based softwares that integrate seamlessly with QuickBooks online

Not only do these systems reduce the data entry time involved in processing your financial transactions but they also provide additional operational and convenience features.

T-Sheets is a cloud-based time and attendance management software that allows you to track hourly employee information, track and bill both hourly and salaried employees to specific jobs, and through GPS location allow you to instantly see through a desktop interface where all employees are in any point in time that are on the clock.

Hubdoc is a receipt and expense capturing tracking tool that allows you to take a photograph of a receipt which can then be imported directly into QuickBooks. It also will log on to your vendor accounts and retrieve monthly invoices for importing into QuickBooks.

Again, while these add-ons do have additional monthly costs, these are more than offset by the decrease in data entry time required to put these transactions into the accounting system while also providing convenience and productivity features to your organization.